About Us

Jill Jacquin, Owner and Operator, is always asked “How did HeadShrink Farms all start?” After retiring from her business, HeadShrink Consulting, she went out to buy a chicken coop and came back with a cow. Not just any ordinary cow-an Oreo Cow! Jill has always loved Oreos and remembers being with Beltie Cows as a child. When she learned the breed were once endangered and on the watch list, she decided to help. Fifty Belted Galloways later she has HeadShrink Farms along with lots of laughter and joy.
Jill also breeds registered Belted Galloways for sale to address the continuance of this heritage breed to support our breed conservation efforts. Oh yea… Last thing… Belties really look awesome when they run down the hill. Yes…they come when she calls, it’s truly amazing.